Elementary Age Programs

Pages of Music with Rolf and Carrie brings age-appropriate music programs to life for kids. We perform and demonstrate on our instruments, introduce basic musical concepts, and share children’s literature to show kids the creative power, beauty, and sheer joy that await them in the wild, wonderful, multifaceted world of music.

It was great to get the students involved. This was very age appropriate for kindergartners.
The part I liked the most was listening to the instruments. Hope you visit again in second grade
It was also great to get string instrument exposure. With the budget cuts, so many students never see string instruments (no orchestra in school anymore). Thanks so much! We really enjoyed the program.
My favorite part was the parade and the snake charmer song.
Thank you for coming. I liked the parade a lot because I was in it! … I liked the music a lot it was the best music I ever heard… I would play the oboe because it sounds good.
I loved when you played your instruments together
Wow! Very engaging. End of the day and you held 2 classes captive for an hour with great music and great stories! You have an amazing presentation. All schools should experience your talents!
One day I would like to play the bass.
We found this to be one of the best programs we have been able to offer our students. The combination of literature, storytelling, and music put this presentation in a class by itself.
I loved the instruments and the parade.

We offer a variety of programs appropriate for different elementary grade levels:

  • Music is for Everyone!

    Introduction to musical concepts and instruments for gr. K-3

  • Mozart, the Boy Genius!

    A peek into the magical world of Mozart for gr. 2-6

  • The Remarkable Music Machine

    Explore the amazing orchestra for gr. 3-6

  • The Spirit Sings

    African American roots to the music of America for gr. 6-adult

  • Music of the Mountains

    Edvard Grieg, Norwegian Musical Nationalism, and Peer Gynt for gr. 4-6

  • The Science of Music

    How sound works from instrument to ear for gr. 4-6

  • Carnival of the Animals

Life and music of the enigmatic French master, Camille SaintSaëns for gr. 4-6

  • Cage and Ives Residency

Custom programs, Lyceums, and residencies can be designed to fit your needs

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