Two Musicians. Two Missions.

Carrie Vecchione, oboe
Rolf Erdahl, double bass

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The Vecchione / Erdahl Duo

Chamber Music with Flair

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About Us

Oboe and Bass? Really? Learn more about the world's only professional oboe bass duo.

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Vecchione/Erdahl Duo Concerts & Recitals

Chamber music of a different color that grabs your ear as the ink dries and sends you out the door humming a new tune!

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Bring our music home with you. Get our debut CD, "It Takes Two..." or our newest CDs, "Askelad and the Seven Silver Ducks," and "The Story of Babar the Little Elephant," composed by Margi Griebling-Haigh

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Pages of Music Educational Programs

Pages of Music with Rolf and Carrie brings age-appropriate music programs to life for kids.

I had to leave the concert hall after your portion was complete: I did not want any other music in my head but yours the rest of the day. Now, two mornings later, I’m still hearing it.
A performance of Rolf Erdahl and Carrie Vecchione promises to be a rewarding musical experience… I highly recommend them.
That short concert at Landmark Center Thursday was thrilling. To hear newly composed music for your instruments: what a nice change of pace for that series. And to think that I almost let the press of work and the chill keep me at my office that day!
The duo presented an evening worth remembering for our audience. Both musicians are superb on their instruments and together, they make a delightful and intriguing sound. The selections they chose to share were most challenging and exciting.