Artistic Statement

Pages of Music with Rolf and Carrie is an educational ensemble committed to making music relevant and accessible to young audiences. By connecting our performances with children’s literature, we aim to humanize the composers and performers of music in a way that is meaningful, memorable, engaging, and entertaining. The need for high quality, direct and diverse presentation of classical musical themes by a compact ensemble is increasingly clear, in light of recent and ongoing cuts to music programs and to budgets for bringing music to the schools and communities. As an oboist and bassist, we can introduce and demonstrate what performance on wind and string instruments sounds and looks like.

We have something unique to offer to young audiences. We present a range of classical music, from standard works to new and contemporary repertoire, from solo to duo to orchestral, from wind to strings, with just two performers. Our literary connections help make music come alive for all audiences. Our specialized training and broad experience as teachers and performers make us a valuable potential resource for music teachers and students.

As The Vecchione/Erdahl Duo, our mission is to bring a wide array of exciting new music to a variety of venues. We believe strongly in the power of music to enchant and uplift, and we want to bring that power and beauty to audiences all over. What sets our “chamber music of a different color” apart is its intimate nature, well suited for smaller spaces and more casual, conversational, concert settings. Our unique, blend of timbres is equally pleasing to audiences new to chamber music, and a refreshing alternative to connoisseurs used to more traditional ensembles. We perform on recital series, for retirement centers, and to accompany social or corporate functions. We particularly enjoy performing in communities that lack regular access to classical music –communities that become remote by geographic, demographic, economic, or other barriers. Music is for everyone, and our goal is to make that abundantly clear by compelling performances of challenging, accessible works, that fit the venues, interests, and budgets of our audiences.

Playing as a duo is our focus as performers. We are committed to making it work as evidenced by commissions and performances that have effectively created a new repertoire for oboe and bass duos, and by our ongoing efforts to reach and teach young audiences about music in our Pages of Music presentations to schools, libraries, and bookstores. We are developing new programs linking music and children’s literature on a variety of topics, including the orchestra, jazz, composers, geography, and specific pieces of music. We see an urgent need to reach and develop young audiences that matches our aspirations and abilities, and we are excited about building on what we have begun as an educational ensemble and taking it as far as we can.

The benefit to us goes beyond making our livelihood as performers, to seeing young people catch an enthusiasm for music so that they may become the performers and audiences of the future. There is a great tradition to preserve and build on; our goal is to pass on what we have learned from the past and to be part of what is to come in the ongoing, wildly-rollicking, and ever-relevant history of classical music.